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Redstone Academy for Boys


At Redstone Academy we are proud to have simple rules when it comes to student uniforms. We believe — with backing from education experts — that school uniforms bring many benefits to a school, its students and its culture. School uniforms have been shown to improve students’ physical and mental health by preventing the formation of gang colours and insignias, and by removing class and wealth distinctions thereby preventing some of the reasons for bullying. In fact, enforcing a school uniform has been shown to be one of the most effective ways to reduce bullying in a school. 

Furthermore, school uniforms promote good social behaviour by removing the distractions of fashion and this encourages students to judge each other by their respective personalities and behaviour rather than their outward appearances — further encouraging unity, pride and good community spirit.

In terms of education and career, a uniform has been shown to improve punctuality and removing the time–consuming nature of trend–following enables students to focus more effectively on their studies. Teaching students to be neat, tidy, and punctual has tangible benefits as it relates to building professionalism and enhancing one’s image.

Uniform ItemsPrices
Navy blue Blazer (purchased from Tesco/Asda)£12.00
Navy blue V-neck jumper (purchased from Tesco/Asda)£9.00
2 x The school badge* — (from the school)Free
P.E. Navy Sweatshirt (purchased from Tesco/Asda)£3.00
P.E. Navy full length Joggers (purchased from Tesco/Asda)£10.00
2 x Thawbs — White (purchased from the school)£15.00 (each)
All black leather shoes**Variable Prices
Black/Navy socksVariable Prices
Suitable trainers for P.E.Variable Prices

School badges can be ironed onto the garments but better stitched for longevity. They will be available free from the school reception desk.
**Refer to the acceptable and non-acceptable school shoe style information
— Please note these items must be purchased from the suppliers stated above so as to keep the uniformity of colours and styles.

The school will be open before the start of the new academic year from Monday 21st August for parents to measure-up and purchase some items for the school uniform. Blazers, jumpers/cardigans, sweatshirts and joggers can be purchased from Tesco/Asda or similar outlets at any time before the start of the new academic year in September. Please note the prices mentioned above for uniform items which are purchased from ASDA, Tesco or other similar outlets are a guide price and may change.

If you have any queries regarding the uniform, please do not hesitate to contact the school. During the holidays we can be contacted by email at We will normally reply back to your query on the same day if not immediately.